In March of 2017, on somewhat of a whim, we moved our family out of the city into the most wonderful little river town of Marine on St. Croix. Ever since moving to Minnesota, we visited Marine on a regular basis, and even "convinced" our parents to move here in 2013 (it didn't take much "convincing!) It was obvious that we loved Marine, but we never thought we would be able to afford it, much less shoulder the commute to the city! But on Thanksgiving Day of 2016, we saw the house that always caught my eye was for sale. Bam. Before I knew it, we had bought the house, and moved into the town of our dreams! It was scary, but obviously something we had to do.

I don't know how stars align, but I do know that if you follow your heart, the world will open doors for you. After our move to Marine, I almost immediately found myself working with a woman who was also working on  one  of my lifelong dreams- creating a Folk School! We partnered right up and have been working our tails off to start up Marine Mills Folk School. Check us out at www.marinemillsfolkschool.org. From this, the opportunity to open up a second location of HWY North appeared. Like I said, the stars just seem to keep aligning!

At the Marine on St. Croix location, you will find a large space full of local arts, cards, prints, and gifts. Along with this gift shop, you will find a wonderful artist Tom Maakestad's studio. Tom creates stunning oil landscapes, and hopes to have his studio open to the public, so that you can tour his space to see how he works. You can learn more about Tom at www.tommaakestad.com. Tom and HWY North share the space together, and you can purchase Tom's work through HWY North.

This location will be opening on August 25th, 2018. We hope to see you there

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